The week where everything becomes official

It’s safe to say I never thought I’d be able to get engaged to T, I thought we’d elope somewhere and figure it out as we go. Even when my mom got on board this year I thought something would inevitably happen to change her mind. Her mind did change but not in the way I or anyone expected, her willingness to accept others has grown so much and I’m so grateful for that. Sure she’s religious, has trouble pronouncing some english words and is kinda cooky but she’s my mom and I wouldn’t trade that for anything.

I told my parents they were my best friends and both of them just about melted. In the span of a year, I’ve gone from being so distant and disconnected from them to being joined at the hip. Making the step to let them into my personal life made a world of a difference. Getting here wasn’t easy but it was so incredibly worth it. Speaking of parents, my dad made a pretty important phone call a couple weeks ago. He called T’s mom and officially invited their family over for the engagement which is in approximately 5 days 4 hours and 37 minutes (can’t you tell I’m not excited at all?)

There’s a lot of confusion with this whole “formal engagement” set up for me. Everyone gets gifts, I get a ring and we eat. It sounds simple but feels far from it. The plan is that we’ll do the gift and ring exchange at the house and then we’ll go out to dinner to celebrate. This whole thing sounds so awkward. In fact, I remember it being very very awkward when my sister and brother had to go through with it for their spouses. In addition to the unavoidable awkwardness, part of me is wondering if things like a ‘mehr’ (dowry) will be discussed, if we’ll talk about the wedding, if getting gifts for everyone is even really necessary (my dad said no and my mom said yes, so obviously I got a very clear answer). T’s grandparents will be there too, as well as my uncle and maybe some extended family as well. When I originally pictured this formal engagement I saw only our nuclear families coming together but it’s morphed into a bigger get together than I originally thought. My sister told me to get used to it now because planning the wedding is going to go the same way.

Speaking of my sister, she’s having a little girl! This is a HUGE surprise considering her doctor said that it was a boy. Somehow information got communicated incorrectly and ‘he’ was actually a ‘she’ all along. However, the best-aunt-ever (me) already planned an amazing baby shower…for a boy, but this is a welcome shock because all we want is a happy healthy baby, so I’ll just have to start from scratch with the baby shower. Oh well, baby girls are more fun anyways, cue the tutus and bows!

Float on,

P.S. -Tyler did pull off the surprise, more details on that next week 😉

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