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I’ve realized my posts are fewer and farther between but hopefully the ‘quality over quantity’ rule applies here. It’s just hard to write down my thoughts since I am all over the place. From DC I went to STL where some major relationship developments happened and then I was off to LA for two weeks. I’m just now able to catch my breath and really sort through what’s going on.

As far as DC is concerned, I don’t think the east coast is not for me. It’s charming and fun but the people, weather and overall vibe make me prefer the mid-west or west coast. I had a few days in St. Louis after I finished up in DC; T$ and I decided to take advantage of the rare time I’m back in town by having our families meet. For the first time. In 8 years.

Needless to say I was extremely nervous, more nervous than I had been about my family meeting him, any job interview, or exam or all three combined. I was a shakey mess because in my head it went only one way: awkward. T$ said it’s important to him that the families meet before we get engaged. Which is opposite of me because it’s not super uncommon in our culture that parents don’t meet until engagements or right before. So from my perspective, if this didn’t go at least decent then there was no way we could move forward at the pace we wanted. A lot had been leading up to this moment.

T$’s mom is a 45 year old single, fun loving, lively woman while my parents are in their 60’s, conservative, happy and family oriented immigrants. As much as I can keep pointing out their differences, there is a common thread that is probably the saving grace in all of this. That being, they both love their kids more than anything. T$’s mom, sister, me, my little brother and my parents had a good time. Everyone laughed, shared food, talked (about casual things, nothing serious) but it really was amazing.

After letting my parents digest what was going on I asked my mom how she felt. She did so well during dinner that I fooled myself into thinking she was supportive but she said she still needs more time. My mom emphasized how she’s not going to be rude to nice people but that she was more so putting on a brave face because she loves me and was really struggling on the inside. I appreciate her effort, and I’m glad she was able to gracefully navigate dinner, even if she needs more time.

My two weeks in LA flew by and I got to bond so much with my sister. I’m headed back to the west coast in a week so I’m excited to see her again soon.

Hope to have more developments on the career, family and love life soon!

Float on,

4 thoughts on “Meet and Greet

  1. Hey girl, read your story about you coming out to your parents and let me tell you, i was in the same situation all through college as well and finally told my parents about my guy at the end of senior year as well. Being a paki muslim girl, i totally feel you and i can relate to all the trauma and drama this causes! Even though my guy is a Muslim-indian, i still was scared shitless to tell my parents too lol even though his fam was supportive from the beginning. Things are much better now, we’re just taking time to get to the next step as well.
    Lol glad things are working out better for you now too.
    Would love if you would follow a fellow paki back! Cant wait to see more from you! 🙂

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    • My reply never posted, ugh! Thanks so much for your comment. As sucky as the situation is, it makes us stronger people and it’s nice to hear someone else is going through something similar. Keep me posted on your progress, best of luck 🙂

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      • Haha no problem! Yes, things are okay for me / us for now. He is actually in graduate/doctorate school, so we have to be patient until he finishes or is near the end to make REAL progress ( i.e. engaged/married) but i’ve come to terms with it. So i’m focusing on my carreer, education and myself and our relationship for now. iA things will work out well like they are for you and your engagement! 🙂


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