Washington D.C

I’ve been in Washington D.C for about a month but haven’t had time outside of work to do the fun things this city has to offer. D.C is unique, filled with rich history and if you come at the right time of year there are beautiful cherry blossom trees everywhere. Even though it’s ranked under L.A as having the worst traffic I would have to argue that it is worse here because drivers don’t know what they’re doing, roads go every which way and the harsh winter has a toll on road conditions. The good thing is that the Metro system here is so easy to navigate; it’s cheap, fast, reliable and anything you could want for public transportation. Luckily, my hotel is less than a minute walk from a metro station.

Everything I’ve done so far can be done in a weekend so here’s a quick run down of what I did in one cold Saturday on the National Mall. I hopped off at the ‘Metro Center’ metro stop, which is conveniently attached to a Macy’s (if you need to buy a jacket before spending the day outside before spring has sprung). Starting off, I walked over to the Lincoln Memorial and from there went through the WWII memorial, then all the way passed the Washington Monument. Since all the museums are all located close to one another I visited the Natural History Museum, then went a few buildings down to the National Gallery of Art, then grabbed lunch at Busboys and Poets and went on to the Air and Space Museum. I spent too much time there because by the time I got to the Library of Congress, it was closed. After warming up at the hotel I made my way back towards that side of town and went to a really nice dinner at the Capital Grille. My favorites were the Air and Space Museum and the Natural History Museum, I could easily spend of full day at those two.

It was overall a super productive day and I wish I had done it sooner. I started at 9am and ended at about 9pm with a total of 33,000 steps and about 12.7 miles walked total. Safe to say I spent the next day doing a whole lot of nothing. My favorites outside of that day include going to Union Market and walking around Dupont Circle. I have a few more days left in D.C and will be sure to make the most of them.

Float on!