International Birthday: Round 2

Word of the Day: Rooted

This time last year I went sky diving in Queenstown, New Zealand to celebrate my birthday. This year I am lucky enough to spend it in Qatar soaking up sunshine and eating endless amounts of cake. I turned 23, which seems like a weird age to me. It’s not really considered mid-twenties yet but doesn’t really feel like it belongs in the early twenties category. Regardless, I felt the idea of ‘being in limbo’ creeping up on me again, so that’s why the word of the day is Rooted. In almost every aspect of life I feel unsettled. I am not sure what the future holds for my career path, my relationships, where I’ll live and if I want to continue my education. Traveling and living in hotels does not calm that feeling so I’ve decided to root myself to the present. The future will always be unknown but if I commit to what’s going on now then the future will figure itself out. This will be a struggle because I am constantly day dreaming but a balance of both will be ideal. I want to enjoy these younger years as much as I can and be very present because time is flying by.

I’ve made a couple really close friends on this trip. It would be impossible not to bond considering we’re all pretty far from home. On the morning of my birthday, one of my friends left Evian water bottles and treats at my door. We can’t drink the tap water here in Qatar and the bottled water leaves you thirstier, unless its Evian, so that surprise was awesome. I treated myself to a nice breakfast and went off to work. When the day was over, I came back to my room filled with balloons (blown up by my water bottle friend) and a delicious cake provided by the staff. Water-bottle-friend went through enormous amounts of trouble to get the balloons in my room but I’m glad she did it. After inhaling cake I went for a walk on the Corniche with another friend. We talked about almost everything and laughed about old Disney Channel and Nickelodeon movies. I came back and went to the executive lounge where there was another cake and more balloons. The night ended with dinner at an amazing Lebanese restaurant, where there was yet another cake.

Here’s a video of the restaurant staff singing to me:

If you can’t tell I’m insanely happy and feeling very 23.

Float on!