Happy National Day!

Word of the Day: Silence

A majority of my coworkers are very personable, confident and interesting. We all have amazing stories to share about something or another. Lately it seems like we’re subconsciously playing the ‘one up’ game and before you know it, people are competing for the “Wait you did that? That’s so cool!” affirmation. Silence goes a long way, I’ve realized that sitting back and watching the show is more fun than being the center of it. Being more observant and quiet helps in the listening department too, which is good because I could learn a thing or two from everyone’s experiences.

Today was Qatar’s National Day! Celebrations were going on all week but December 18th is the official holiday. Cars were decorated with flags, streamers and important Qataris. There was a parade, airshow, and a flawlessly executed fireworks display, which spanned a half mile over the water. About halfway through the show some jet ski’s went out and shot fireworks off the back. It was synchronized perfectly and it was really cool to see the entire night sky light up.

The wealth this country has is unreal. The celebrations for the holiday clearly showed that, they spent months preparing for it. The city seems like it is perpetually under construction with some of the most beautiful and intricate building designs I have ever seen. Everything is so new and luxurious, they go all out and don’t hold back. I can’t wait to see how different this place will look 10 years from now. I really feel like I would be happy living here, except I’ve heard the summers are “offensively hot”.

Aside from National Day, today also marks day 10 of being in Qatar! The days just melt into each other, especially when trying to keep up with the time change back home. Work has been great so far, there has been a lot to do with little free time so a weekend is much needed. All the local professionals I’ve interacted with are so genuine and welcoming. The next round of associates are coming next week, which is exciting because I’ll see some familiar faces. Hopefully it keeps going well over here. Sometimes I do get pangs of homesickness, yesterday I had a dream about my mom and woke up hugging a pillow. 😦 Back in the Midwest its been snowing and the holiday season is in full swing, it is completely opposite here. Staying busy is definitely the key to not feel like I am missing out on life back home. My coworkers and I are trying to plan a small getaway for Christmas, so stay tuned!

Float on!