Thanksgiving Week

Word of the Day: Awareness

Being aware seems like a relatively simple thing to do. But from being aware of how you feel, your reactions to certain scenarios to how other people are feeling and their interactions/reactions, being actively aware is pretty hard. I’m pretty oblivious at times so I want to get better at this awareness thing.

Earlier this week I found that I am going to travel to Qatar for a work assignment! I’m thrilled, nervous, anxious…you name it. It doesn’t help that there aren’t many details available now so I’m not too sure what to expect. I do know that the weather there ranges between 70-80°F so it seems like the perfect time to go. It will be great to travel to the middle east and get closer to my roots (kind of my roots but not really). Since Qatar is an Islamic country it’ll be more conservative–modest clothing, no pork, drugs or alcohol, stricter rules on male/female interaction and the Adhan will be heard throughout the city everyday so that’s cool.  I hope my coworkers are ready for it! I’ve been taking Rosetta Stone Arabic lessons so maybe those will come in handy. Also, it doesn’t hurt that Dubai is just a short flight away, I’m very excited about that.

Also, T$ came over to my parent’s house for dinner on Saturday! My mom made Biryani and managed to not poison his food, so that’s a bonus! We kept the conversation casual, there weren’t any awkward moments and my dad even brought out some old family photos. I think it’s really nice that my family can spend however much time they need to get to know T without there being a harsh deadline…though I do hope everyone gets on the same page soon. Eventually these casual conversations will turn to more serious ones (hopefully) and some will probably include minor interrogations, just so they can make sure he’s the one. Whatever it takes, I suppose. Either way this week was a win, another baby step in the right direction.

Float on!