Here we go…

Word of the Day: Bold

Today is the day I start a blog. I’m not sure what prompted this, especially since I would rather hear about what everyone else is doing in their lives then to blast my own experiences. But I realized I have some pretty interesting ones so why not share?

Since this is my first post I want to get some things straight. This summer a friend and I went a road trip from Missouri to California. Everyday, we came up with a ‘word of the day’ so we could get a good vibe going for the drive. Some words on our list included: patience, acceptance and freedom–words to get you through 7 days in a car. Anyways, I loved it and I miss it, so thanks to my friend, you will be seeing those on every post…that’s probably where the consistency will end among the entries because I want to write about absolutely anything and everything.

This year has been pretty huge and before I write about current things I wanted to backtrack to hit some of the highlights from 2014. If we rewind to this time last year, I was living in an attic with one of my best friends. We had no doors, and maybe standing room if you found the perfect spot. The 4 bedroom bungalow housed 6 girls, I could never live in again but it was the perfect place to enjoy senior year at Mizzou. Overall, I spent the beginning of the year coming to terms with the fact that for the first time in 4 years I would no longer be going to classes, I wouldn’t be living with my freshman year roommate, stressing over tests was going to be a thing of the past and pretty much realizing that I had no idea how any part of life was going to play out after college. My friends and I dubbed this unknown stage as being in limbo, just waiting for stuff to happen. But while I was in limbo waiting for adulthood, some pretty awesome things happened along the way. This year included amazing travel opportunities (New Zealand, Australia, Spain, Morocco as well as the road trip I mentioned), telling my traditional Pakistani family about my white, all-american partner in crime, T$ (we’ll save this story for another day), graduating, and landing my first post college “big girl” job that requires an 80-100% travel schedule. Between work, family, friends and love I feel like I’m navigating through uncharted territories so trying my best to document seems like the right thing to do.

Now that we’re mostly caught up, back to the word of the day. Right now I feel semi-naked for writing a blog post. It’s something that I never thought I would do… so for that reason I feel a little brave, uncharacteristic and bold.

Float on,

P.S. I love whales, if you can’t tell.